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Contact: info@optimallife.ie
"Over my first year of business I am delighted with the level of interest in and engagement with my services. At this time my client list is at full capacity. For anyone currently wishing to engage a coach or coaching psychologist the following websites may be of interest: ICF Ireland and psychologicalsociety.ie. Please keep an eye on the Optimal Life website for future availability. I wish you every success in achieving your goals" - Dr Emily Casey.
Executive Wellbeing and Performance Coaching
Executive coaching is a development process used to build the professional performance and leadership skills of top executives within an organisation.

As an executive progresses in their career it becomes increasingly important that they seek objective professional support to clarify their goals and think creatively about how to achieve them, develop leadership capabilities, and identify opportunities to move to the next level. Using positive coaching psychology Dr Casey works with executive clients to improve their performance while taking care to balance their professional ambition with their personal wellbeing. She helps the executive heighten their self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of their own values and priorities. She also helps them develop a clearer awareness of the needs of others. This results in increased empathy, improved listening skills, and enhanced interpersonal relationships. This developed emotional intelligence is key to the leader's ability to positively influence across organisations. Professional coaching has been shown to help accelerate career development.

Dr Casey recognises the needs of the whole person and the importance of ensuring balance across work and life domains. The demands of an intense worklife partiularly if coupled with poor lifestyle choices/habits may result in increased stress levels and decreased work performance and fulfillment. Optimising lifestyle factors is often the key to unleashing the executive client's full potential. Combining her psychology and medical backgrounds Dr Casey is ideally placed to support the executive in all areas of their lives.
For an appointment, please call Dr. Casey on 087 237 6405.