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Contact: info@optimallife.ie
"Over my first year of business I am delighted with the level of interest in and engagement with my services. At this time my client list is at full capacity. For anyone currently wishing to engage a coach or coaching psychologist the following websites may be of interest: ICF Ireland and psychologicalsociety.ie. Please keep an eye on the Optimal Life website for future availability. I wish you every success in achieving your goals" - Dr Emily Casey.
Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Considering lifestyle factors when coaching clients can help improve mood, increase productivity and satisfaction at work and at home, and lower stress. As a coaching psychologist and general practitioner Dr Casey works holistically to help clients improve their health and well-being by encouraging healthy behaviours including weight loss, fitness, nutrition, stress coping, restful sleep, smoking cessation, social connection, and positive psychology interventions.

Changing behaviour and unhealthy habits can be difficult even when we understand and desire the positive benefits of doing so. What hinders us in self-caring? In general it has been shown that a lack of motivation and confidence, lack of clarity about what to do, feelings of overwhelm, self-limiting beliefs such as "I'm not able", and a tendency to procrastinate, all result in inertia and failure to attempt/achieve behaviour change. Coaching psychology offers support to the client and through evidenced-based approaches facilitates them in building the necessary resources needed for lasting positive change. Self-limiting beliefs and common thinking traps are challenged, solutions are generated, support is sought, action is taken and reviewed, and self-motivation, self-confidence, self-belief and self-regulation are built and strengthened. Resilience and optimism are also fostered to help the client persevere in their efforts towards their chosen health and wellbeing goals. Research in positive psychology shows us the way forward towards our best possible selves. In the case of optimism studies show that it improves immune system functioning, prevents chronic disease, and helps people cope with unfortunate news or adverse events. Gratitude, which is associated with optimism similarly enhances wellbeing. Studies show that grateful people are happier, receive more social support, are less stressed, and less depressed.

Coaching psychology helps the client embed new healthy lifestyle habits into their life bringing them closer to their optimal level of health and wellness.

For an appointment, please call Dr. Casey on 087 237 6405.