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Contact: info@optimallife.ie
"Over my first year of business I am delighted with the level of interest in and engagement with my services. At this time my client list is at full capacity. For anyone currently wishing to engage a coach or coaching psychologist the following websites may be of interest: ICF Ireland and psychologicalsociety.ie. Please keep an eye on the Optimal Life website for future availability. I wish you every success in achieving your goals" - Dr Emily Casey.

Coaching psychology is a professional service that supports people to achieve lives that are more successful, balanced, meaningful and satisfying.

Professional coaching represents an important and worthwhile investment in yourself. The right kind of support provided by the right qualified professional at the right time can be significantly life-enhancing.

Please contact us at Optimal Life if you would like to hear more and/or avail of our services:

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At Optimal Life we understand that making an informed decision to engage coaching services requires taking time to find all the relevant information. For this reason we allow new patients to schedule a COMPLEMENTARY phone consultation at a time that is convenient to them. This is a 20 minute, no obligation discussion about how Optimal Life might serve your work, personal, or health coaching needs. If you wish to book your complementary phone consultation, then please visit our online calendar/booking system. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you before the consultation to confirm the time. All consultations are confidential and any information obtained is kept private and used only for patient files as required by law.

The initial in-office consultation lasts 2 hours. All follow-up appointments are 60 minutes in duration. The number of coaching sessions varies per client and goal type. However a typical coaching relationship might last between 4 and 6 sessions. Clients are always welcome to re-engage with services at times of particular stress, when big decisions are being made, or when additional support is felt to be useful.

Book your first session today - Call Dr. Casey on 087 237 6405.

For an appointment, please call Dr. Casey on 087 237 6405.