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Contact: info@optimallife.ie
"Over my first year of business I am delighted with the level of interest in and engagement with my services. At this time my client list is at full capacity. For anyone currently wishing to engage a coach or coaching psychologist the following websites may be of interest: ICF Ireland and psychologicalsociety.ie. Please keep an eye on the Optimal Life website for future availability. I wish you every success in achieving your goals" - Dr Emily Casey.
Coaching with Dr. Casey exceeded my expectations in every way. Initially I was skeptical of the benefit of talking to a stranger about my career. I felt that it would take too much time to explain my situation and give context. However I was wrong. Although Emily had no prior knowledge of what it was like for me at work, she quickly came to understand my world and remembered absolutely everything I spoke to her about from session to session. She had an amazing ability to join the dots and highlight opportunities oftentimes where I couldn't see any at all. Emily is a fantastic listener and has the ability to make you feel comfortable to open up and truly express yourself and your concerns. I even felt comfortable enough to openly experience emotion as it was triggered in our sessions. What really helped accelerate my progress and give me new insights and perspective on my work challenges were the fantastic, thought-provoking questions Emily asked. All of our sessions were well structured and I left with a self-made, clear, actionable plan each time that kept me focused and motivated between meetings. Emily nudged me out of my comfort zone and made me realise that having a voice at work or putting myself first sometimes is not only acceptable but often necessary in order to achieve my goals.

In our modern world it's so nice to sit down with someone and have the focus 100% on you. I would highly recommend Emily to others. Based on the impact of our sessions around work and career I can see the excellent value Emily would bring as an onsite coach in the corporate sphere. She has the ability to have impact even with short sessions and this would be beneficial in a work environment when wanting to speak with someone completely impartial.

Sarah McCabe, Human Resources, Facebook.
I've been working with Dr. Casey for over six months now. Dr. Casey was referred to me by a trusted colleague. I am a well and functioning adult but I felt like I needed some help with my life and career, I was in a bit of a "rut" as they say. I can honestly say that committing to some positive psychology coaching sessions with Dr. Casey is one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. Her holistic and multi-disciplinary approach is great, she is supportive and encouraging, and possesses an uncanny ability to draw you out. I guess she has facilitated me to tap into my inner road blocks, examine them and dissolve them, not plough through them, not go over them, not go around them. I'm not there yet, we've a few more sessions to go but I feel vibrant, confident a real sense of self-acceptance and acceptance of others. By implementing a development plan & techniques Dr. Casey suggested, I have a new found confidence & am very excited about life. I've been told I'm on track for my next promotion at work, naturally I am thrilled but I am equally as thrilled that I now have a real insight and am actually living what that word "flourishing" is all about. Highly recommend!

Lawyer, Top 4 Law Firm, Dublin.
After just four sessions working with Dr. Casey I feel my confidence in my capabilities returning. For the past year I have been overwhelmed with feelings of failure. My work life as a primary teacher and my home life as a wife and mother to three children seemed to suffocate me. My previous coping strategies had deserted me. Dr. Casey's warm and encouraging manner along with her professional approach helped me to regain a healthy work-life balance. She helped me feel that someone had my back. I now have renewed enthusiasm and energy for my busy life and I look forward to goal-setting every session. It is incredible how much I am achiveing simply by taking the time and space to clarify what it is I truly want. Dr Casey is an excellent listener and gently challenges me to push for my very best every time. I would higly recommend her.

Primary Teaher and Mother, Dublin 6
For an appointment, please call Dr. Casey on 087 237 6405.